Questions about the course

Besides having successfully trained thousands of people over the years, Beaming White has also performed thousands of teeth whitening treatments at retail locations. 

Did you know we owned and managed one of the highest grossing teeth whitening kiosks in the US at the Florida Mall in Orlando for several years, doing up to 300 whitenings per month?

We also had a dozen teeth whitening salons in large cities throughout the US, including Dallas, Jacksonville, Portland, and Seattle. We closed all locations because we didn’t want to compete with our customers, but it was quite profitable.

We provided thousands of teeth whitening treatments at our various service locations around the US. We have trained more people over the years than anyone else and we talk with our customers all the time. We constantly receive information from the market. Even today, we continue to learn from our customers. When you get trained by a salon owner that mostly does their own teeth whitening treatments, you learn from one person’s experience (for the most part). When you get trained by us, you benefit from the experience of thousands of people over almost 15 years!

Our trainers are registered dental assistants who worked in dental offices for many years before coming to Beaming White – and they still maintain active licenses. On occasion, the founder and CEO of the company does the training, and he is also considered to be one of the founders of the industry (teeth whitening by non-dentists). We think he knows a thing or two about training!

Where else can you receive your training from dental professionals or one of the industry founders?

You can get certified as slowly or as quickly as you desire with our “learn at your own pace” online course, but it takes approximately 4 hours to complete the course. Many of our students passed the final exam the very next day! We mail the certificate to you after you pass the final exam.

We are sure that our course is the most comprehensive course in the industry, and it will teach you everything you need to confidently launch a teeth whitening business or to add the service to your existing business.

The course teaches you the science behind teeth whitening, the causes of teeth whitening, the different dental conditions that can affect a teeth whitening treatment, contraindications for teeth whitening, side-effects and how to handle them, different teeth whitening procedures, the different types of teeth whitening lights, gels and kits, communication with customers, greeting the customer, how to prep the client, after-care instructions, and upselling home whitening products. It consists of written material, videos showing the process, quizzes, a final exam, and the documents and consumer videos you need.

Basically, you learn everything about having a successful teeth whitening business.

Questions about teeth whitening

The US and Canadian governments consider teeth whitening products to be cosmetics and therefore teeth whitening treatments to be cosmetic treatments. This means that, with the exception of Alabama, it is legal for anyone to provide teeth whitening treatments.

You are not legally required to get certified. However, the only way you’re going to succeed in this industry is if you really know what you’re doing.

Learning the procedure is actually very easy, but you need to be able to answer your customers’ questions with accuracy and confidence, or they will not trust you to provide the treatment.

You need to know how to handle situations that arise. You need to understand the legal aspects. Lastly, you also need to learn how to be as profitable as possible. This is what you get from Beaming White’s course.

There is nothing that will get teeth whiter, without the use of a gingival barrier, than the system we teach when combined with the product we recommend. Please visit our Instagram profile to see actual before and after photos from our customers that use our system.

We teach two different application methods and each method requires a different type of whitening product. As long as the product has the same application method, it will work. That said, we highly recommend our own products, which we manufacture in the USA, for best results.

Questions about enrollment

We have two ways to get started:

  1. Enroll in the complete Teeth Whitening Training & Certification Course and pay online. You get immediate access to the course. You also have two weeks to purchase a starter package and get 100% of the price of the course deducted from the price of the starter package.
  2. Purchase a teeth whitening starter package and get the Teeth Whitening Training & Certification Course included free with your package. You must contact us to purchase a package.

Navigate to the Course page, and click the [Add to Cart] button. You will be prompted to register. Once you have registered, you will be logged in to your student Dashboard. Click [Add to Cart] again and complete the enrollment process.

If you purchased a teeth whitening package and have a coupon code, enter the code at checkout.

To protect our intellectual property, we do not provide refunds. If you are unsure, contact us to discuss any questions you might have.

Your access to the course does not expire. You may come back at any time to refresh your knowledge, access course resources, and view any important future updates.

Support FAQs

If you get an error message when you try to login, try again, just in case you made some typos.

If that fails, you can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot?” link below the form. Use the email address that you registered with. The system will send a password reset link to your email!

We receive a notification when you pass the Final Exam. We will reach out to you within 2 business days to verify the spelling of your name and your mailing address. Then we will mail your certificate to you.

If you don’t hear from us by the third day, please email [email protected].

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